"Your String is half of the reason your racquet performs as it does" 

Your string bed is crucial to what you experience when striking a tennis ball. With that in mind, let's discuss the major groups of string available.

Natural Gut

Natural gut retains it's tension and elasticity better than any string in the world. It is also the most comfortable and best for the arm. It's among the least durable for string breakers.  Gut is the most expensive but often the best option. For a player sensitive to their string bed, and who isn't a string breaker, natural gut can actually be economical because it's highly playable until shortly before it breaks. We have found that the only worthwhile string to use is the best available gut from Babolat who has been producing this product for over 135 years.  VS Touch!

Nylon or Synthetic Gut

This is the most commonly used type of string in the marketplace.  There are two basic types on nylon: 1) Mono filament and 2) Multi filament.  All are multifilament but we're referring to the core of the string.  Multifilaments are more comfortable but more expensive.  Single filament nylons tend to be cost effective but are less comfortable.


Poly strings are typically single filament and are much more durable than the other types of string.  This is a high performance string that will tend to impart more spin to the ball than other strings.  Polyester strings are very stiff and not recommended for players with elbow, shoulder, or wrist problems.  The players that most benefit from this string type are those who hit out more on the ball and those that impart a lot of top spin with their strokes.  Almost all touring pros are using poly, either in a hybrid string bed (see below) or a bed with poly exclusively.

Hybrid String Bed

A hybrid string job just means that the mains (vertical) and the crosses (horizontal) are different strings. Most often this is done with the stiffer poly combined with a nylon or natural gut.  Putting the poly on the mains will give a more durable string job and on the crosses it will be a little more comfortable.

Silton Tennis stocks hundreds of strings.  With our expertise and our commitment to providing the highest quality experience, we can guide you towards a more effective string bed.